Sounds about right

“We landed on the moon in July 1969 and Woodstock started three weeks later. With the benefit of hindsight, that’s when the hippies won and somehow progress sort of died, the idea of progress came to an end.” — Peter Thiel, quoted in the FT.

Related evidence: science fiction was generally optimistic — one could say overwhelmingly so — until the 1960s, about the possibility of technical progress making life better for humankind, but during that decade, advocates of a “new SF” who were connected to the counterculture of the time and preferred to speak of “SF” (Speculative Fiction) took over the editing roles, and the stories quickly became overwhelmingly pessimistic, with favourite themes being overpopulation, environmental disasters, dystopian societies, nuclear holocaust and civilizational collapse. Drugs and sex became big features, too, of course.


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